no news:

same town. same job. no babies, illnesses, accidents, deaths, earthquakes, meteors.

what we LOVED in 2010:

buying our 1st home. our boys. family. cousins. grandmas. grandpas. sisters. brothers. moms. dads. aunts. uncles. friends. time together. our dog rosie. our cat jezebel. disneyland. orange county family and fun. the beach. river rafting. swim team. girls camp. service. kindergarten. ayso soccer. coaching. adult ayso. chess club. straight A’s. snowboarding. our trampoline. micah's job. yosemite. nyc. boston. vermont. new hampshire. awesome husbands who make girls trips possible. exercise. good health.

the temple. small miracles. mighty blessings.

the gospel. our savior!

another GREAT year. wishing you the same.


micah and cheryl

jaden mckay maika'i (9)

beckam scott (5, a few weeks shy of 6)

asher john~patrick (3)


and yosemite

micah's only birthday wish was to finally take his family to yosemite. he has been but the boys and i never had. it blew me away and was beyond amazing!! it was cold but that didn't deter us. we were lucky enough to go w/ my sister and her fam, who were coincidentally going the same weekend! we only spent half a day in the park and did the vernal falls hike. it was 3 miles and perfect for this stage of our family. we can't wait to get back and see more and would love to camp when the weather is more permissible.


lest you think we've dropped off the face of the earth...

here is a photo summary of
some of the things we've been up to and
my biggest excuse for why i haven't been blogging

10 year anniversary trip to NY
of course, we had some trading to do while we were therethe real trader and dear friend, james5 years old!!first snowboarding trippinewood derby
his own super-hero costumelots of time w/ family!
all the cousins on my side.easter at the scheidlesshaving cream wardisneyland
randomly ran into our long lost besties there, who currently reside in AZ!mother's daymicah got the cinnamon rolls and oj for breakfast,
jaden created the rest all by himself!
(micah also prepared a delicous grilled tri-tip and veggies feast for dinner,
which sadly wasn't documented since we were too busy devouring it)
no, look! he is cute.asher LOVES my nephew den denjust killing time
just because, from jadenloving getting to hang out w/ long, long time bestieshave to document this.one morning i'm frantically getting dressed in my closet when asher comes in and asks if we're going to be late? to which i reply, yes! so please go get your clothes on! as i run down the stairs and through the house calling his name, there is no response. when i open the door to the garage and call for him, i hear his little voice call back and then i find him like this. except he was hiding the gum behind his back as best he could. buckled up and ready to go. classic.

is next. stay tuned...
(if you're still around)


the house...

in its 3.5 weeks post move-in form for those who have been asking for photos. taking the decorations out of the boxes is as far as we've made it and it's really hard to take photos of a room but here they are nonetheless:
front of the house:
(sorry i was too lazy to shut the garage door)
we're the dead center house of a cul-de-sac.
potted lemon trees will go on either side of the big
front window and more box woods around the front.
all the rose bushes are coming out!
sitting/music room:
(off entry)

the fairygod sister is currently moving into her new home
so we will be inheriting furniture that's not moving with her
for this room.
dining room:
also inheriting a new dining table
(those of you who have had the misfortune of sitting in these cursed chairs will be happy to hear)

family room:

which may or may not house a flatscreen tv someday.
jury is still out on that one
guest bedroom:
(aka grandma kippy's room)


beckam & asher's room:
hallway office?:
master bedroom:
master bath:
my favorite!
master closet:
around the corner:
i can finally see my clothes!!

this was the view from the master bedroom for a few weeks, while the water holding area had water:
and this is the view to the left.
it's our neighbors backyard but it's still our view!

behind the wall you can see a grassy area, which is an empty lot that will never be developed and is completely enclosed by a privacy fence. so despite the vast space in our backyard, guess where the boys choose to spend much of their time? over the wall, digging for treasures, of course!!

“I know that you believe you understand what you think I said, but I'm not sure you realize that what you heard is not what I meant.”

thanks nicole.