no news:

same town. same job. no babies, illnesses, accidents, deaths, earthquakes, meteors.

what we LOVED in 2010:

buying our 1st home. our boys. family. cousins. grandmas. grandpas. sisters. brothers. moms. dads. aunts. uncles. friends. time together. our dog rosie. our cat jezebel. disneyland. orange county family and fun. the beach. river rafting. swim team. girls camp. service. kindergarten. ayso soccer. coaching. adult ayso. chess club. straight A’s. snowboarding. our trampoline. micah's job. yosemite. nyc. boston. vermont. new hampshire. awesome husbands who make girls trips possible. exercise. good health.

the temple. small miracles. mighty blessings.

the gospel. our savior!

another GREAT year. wishing you the same.


micah and cheryl

jaden mckay maika'i (9)

beckam scott (5, a few weeks shy of 6)

asher john~patrick (3)


Jessica said...

I love the family pictures! You all look great and I can't believe what a big boy Asher is now!

Stephanie said...

Love the pics and glad to hear you are all doing great. Merry Christmas to your family. Are you related to a Janae Nilsson?

Amy said...

LOVE your pictures! Those trees in the background are amazing and I love the couch! And of course you are all so very gorgeous. I didn't even recognize Beckham at first! I'm glad you all had such a great year. I still think of you all the time I put on my "Cheryl copy-cat" church outfits, with my boots and skirts. Merry Christmas!

Amy said...

btw, the comment about Beckham didn't come out right. I meant to say, he is so grown up I didn't recognize him at first! :)

Amanda said...

Those are such great pictures. I like that you had no news for 2010...no news really IS good news much of the time!
Thanks for your sweet comment the other day. You inspired me to go to a cardio weight class that kicked my trash and I loved it!

Ixchelle said...

Beautiful family!!! And wonderful too!!

LollyGirl said...

no stephanie not related to janae nilsson that i know of. micah's nilsson relatives are canadian so if there is that connection there might be a relation.

amy, you're a doll!! didn't think twice about the beckam comment! knew exactly what you meant. he's grown up sooo much!!

thanks for all the nice comments!!

Ben and Shara said...

I dig your family pics. Thanks for the little update.

kiddle97 said...

Seriously, your family pictures blow me away each and every time. I can't believe how big and grown up your boys are getting.

Amy said...

You guys take the MOST Beautiful family pictures I think I have ever seen . . . and what's more is that you seem to do it year after year! Your boys are all so handsome! I forgot Jaden had a Maika'i in his name:)

K$ said...

Man, you never blog anymore. What's up with that?
And despite you never blogging, I still get alot of traffic through you. :) Will you change my blog address on your side bar? I've moved.

Anonymous said...

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